Lash Extensions Cape Town

Lash Extensions Cape Town

Lash Extensions Cape Town
Lash Extensions Cape Town
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We offer Lash Extensions


We have decided to add Lash Extensions to out treatment menu as this is the latest trend that is sweeping the world and is pioneered by models and celebrities across the board.

Lash Extensions enhance the appearance of your natural eyelashes by adding length and fullness, whilst still remaining natural-looking and weightless.

Unlike the old false eyelashes that were applied to the skin of the eylid, the new semi-permanent eyelash extensions are bonded one at a time directly to individual eyelashes. A girl can be a girl, bat those lashes, cry, swim, exercise, shower and never have to worry about mascara ever running again. Eyellusions lah extensions are premium quality with a natural look and feel. Each lash is tapered and curled, and they come in various lengths, widths, shapes and colours so that exactly the required image can be achieved.

The application is painless and takes between one and two hours to apply. This gives the client time to relax. The bonding agent is a remarkable product that is available in medical and performance grades and is suitable for hyper-allergic eyes.

One can choose to have them applied for a special occasion only or for a permanent look, you would need 3-4 weekly touch-ups to keep the natural look as the lashes fall out with your own natural eyelashes that have a 4-6 week lifespan. This means that shedding of natural eyelashes take the bonded lashes with them.

Contra-indications for Lash Extension:

There are a number of diseases that involve the natural eyelashes:

  • Madarosis is a condition in which one loses your own natural eye lashes
  • Blepharitis is an irritation of the area where the eyelash joins the eyelid. In this condition, excessive oil is produced by the lash follicles and glands of the eyelid. The skin often becomes flaky and the natural lashes tend to fall out.
  • Distichiasis is a condition in which eyelashes grow from abnormal sites on the eyelid.
  • Trichiasis is a condition in which the ingrown eyelashes occur
  • Eyelashes that are infected with crab louse parasites
  • Styes (external Hordeolum) are purulent inflammation of infected eyelash fillicles and their surrounding sebaceous and apocrine glands of the lid margin
  • Trichotillomania is a condition that urges the sufferer to pull out scalp and eyelash hair. It is like OCD, but with hair
  • Demodex folliculorum is a small mite that lives, harmlessly, in the eyelash follicles and around 98% of us have these mites living in our lashes and/or hair
  • Alopecia is a condition in which the sufferer may develop gradual hair loss. It results from hereditary factors.
  • Eye allergies (any) even if only seasonal

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Lash Extension Before amd After Photos:


Lash Extensions Cape Town - Carla Before



Lash Extensions Cape Town - Carla After



Lash Extension Cape Town - Maresa Before



Lash Extensions Cape Town - Maresa After