Sunless Tanning

Sunless Tanning

Sunless Tanning Cape Town
Sunless Tanning Cape Town
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Often as part of the preparation for a wedding, or other formal dress event, many women look into the mirror, and decide a tan would be the perfect finishing touch.

You can easily have a great and completely natural looking sunless tan on the big day, without fear of ruining dress, skin or photos. A sunless tanner will not run or rub off onto the outside of your wedding dress, or formal wear, if you take the time to shower any colour guide (added tint) or sunless tanner residue off of skin before dressing. But you may experience some rub off onto the inside garment seams. This will easily wash away when garments are cleaned.

A beautiful sunless tan can be achieved in a matter of hours, but perfecting application skills can take months. And with a sunless tan, application often can “make or break” the best sunless tanner. However, many application errors can be easily prevented with the following guidelines.

A bride should plan to give herself an average of about three months, to perfect application, and to find the best products for her big day. This will give you plenty of time, to try a few different products and application styles, and also allow you to accurately judge fading and product wear so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises during the Honeymoon. The average sunless tan starts to fade in about three days, and usually will be completely gone in 7 to 10 days.

You can reapply your product every three to four days to boast or refresh colour.

A savage dark tan does not usually look good for a wedding, and is a nightmare for the photographer, when trying to make the skin tones in photos look natural. Instead opt for a light tan. This will look much more natural in photos, and the fading will be less obvious during the honeymoon trip. This will also be much easier to exfoliate away when fading starts if you don’t intend to continue self tanning on your honeymoon.

You will need to plan your beauty care routine carefully when using a sunless tanner. Do your last facial about four weeks before the big day, as the exfoliation will remove your facial tan. If you will need to colour your hair, plan to do it about two weeks before the wedding, the dye can discolour your skin, and tan.

  • Schedule any hair removal waxing at least one week before the wedding. Hair removal waxes, and depilatories will both remove your sunless tan.
  • Facial hair bleaches, tooth bleaching products and whitening toothpastes can all lighten your tan if they get on the skin around your mouth
  • To prevent rub off on your dress, exfoliate skin well about one to two days before the wedding or formal event. For proper exfoliation, avoid loofas or standard shower scrubs. Instead use nylon mesh or plant fiber exfoliating bath gloves, or some baking soda mixed with shower gel on a damp washcloth. Scrub thoroughly but gently, all over with overlapping circular motions. Apply extra attention to thicker skin areas, such as hands, feet, knees, and elbows.
  • Moisturize well daily with a rich moisturizer, on shower damp skin.

Three days, before the wedding or event, is the perfect time to have your pedicure, manicure, and paraffin treatments done. (Before applying your sunless tanner)

The next day you can apply a coat of sunless tanner. Use a light or light medium tanner, but don’t use a product you have never tested before. Apply a second coat the next day. Or just touch up face, neck and chest as needed.

Showering with Vanilla or Citrus scented shower gels will eliminate any residual sunless tanner development odor. You can also mix about ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract with your sunless tanning product, prior to application, to eliminate any odor.

Before dressing, moisturize skin well. Dust body all over with a translucent or light sparkly body powder. This will minimize possible rub off onto dress or undergarment seams.

If you just can’t seem to master self application, you can also go with products applied to you by someone else.

  • A sunless spray on tanner, booth product such as Mist-on Tan, Mystic Tan, or similar products.
  • A spray on tanner applied by a hand help airbrush or spray gun, from an experienced technician, often called an Airbrush Tan.
  • A lotion product applied by a technician, in a Spa or other beauty facility.

These facilities can often be found in your phone book, look in the Yellow Pages sections, under “Tanning”, “Gyms” “Spas” etc.

Please test these options well before the big day. Just because someone else applies the product, does not guarantee you will love the results.

But what if you don’t have two to three months to practice before the wedding? If you don’t have the benefit of extra preparation time, you should conceder the use of a shimmer product or light bronzer instead.

Shimmer products come in a range of effects, from a subtle opalescence shimmer glow, a fine dusting of sparkles to just plain glitter. Generally the shimmers and sparkles will look much nicer then the larger pieces of glitter.

An opalescent type product usually comes in a lotion or gel, and can be applied all over before dressing on the big day. Do avoid the face though. A translucent or clear product will not be as likely to show visible rub off on your dress as a darkly tinted product. Dust all over with a lightly scented body powder to “set” the lotion.

A shimmer product is often available in powders, gels, and lotions. Usually a lighter hand gives a better effect then an allover coating. Again go with a translucent or clear product. Using a large makeup bush or puff dust powder onto shoulders, chest, cheekbones, brow bones, and tops of arms. Stroke lotion or gel on lightly, and set with powder.

You can also use a light bronzer for a slightly sun kissed look. Don’t try to look like a Brazilian bronzed babe, you won’t be able to pull it off with a bronzer only, and if you sweat, the excess bronzer can discolour your dress and undergarments. Use a light bronzing powder or gel on cheekbones, bridge of nose, top of forehead, tip of chin, tops of shoulders, and a bit on chest. Don’t get carried away. Less is often better. Dust with translucent powder to set if needed.

Following the above tips, you can achieve a luminous and healthy glow on your special day.