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If the skin is to function efficiently, it must be cared for both internally and externally.

Internally, a nutritionally balanced diet is vital to the health and appearance of the skin. A number of skin allergies and disorders, such as Acne, are in part the result of a poorly balanced diet. Foods contain the chemical substances we need for health and growth, the nutrients: a healthy diet contains all the essential nutrients.

There are six principle groups of nutrients:

1. Carbohydrates : fruits, vegetables, milk, grains
2. Fats: are present in all foods
3. Proteins: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, grains, nuts
4. Minerals: fruits, vegetables and iron is present in liver
5. Vitamins: are found in various food sources
6. Fibre: fruit, vegetables, cereal, grains, nuts, legumes

Water forms about two-thirds of the body’s weight, and is an important component both inside and outside body cells. Drink at least one liter of water per day to avoid dehydration of cells. It is also a constituent of many foods, therefore making it even more important to eat a balanced diet.

Externally, it needs to be cared for by cleansing and nourishing the skin. Resent studies have shown that products that have the ability to penetrate to the basal layer of the skin is most effective in keeping the skin healthy. With normal physiological functioning the skin becomes oily and perspiration is deposited on the surface of the skin, which can lead to blockages. The UV rays from the sun causes damage to unprotected skin and mechanical damage from using harsh chemicals all play a part in the health of the skin. It is therefore ital to follow a GOOD skincare regime.

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