Vascular Problems

Vascular Problems

Vascular Problems Cape Town
Vascular Problems Cape Town
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Vascular naevi are skin conditions in which small or large areas of skin pigmentation are caused by the permanent dilation of blood capillaries.


This condition is seen as an area of skin in which blood capillaries have dilated, due either to injury or inflammation.

This is not a contagious condition and is characterized by redness of the skin. It can be either localized (in one area only) or general (affects all of the skin).

When considering treatment, it is important to consider the cause for the inflammation. In the case of a skin allergy, the client should avoid contact with the irritant. If the cause is unknown, the person should have test, preferably blood test done, to try and identify what is causing the inflammation.

Dilated Capillaries / Telangiectasia

This is a condition in which the superficial blood vessels are permanently dilated. This is not an infectious condition and is characterized by small, red visible blood capillaries. They mostly appear in areas where the skin is neglected, dry or fine, such as the cheeks and around the naso-labial folds.

It can be treated by using a green corrective camouflage cosmetic concealer, or can be removed by either electrolysis or IPL treatments.

Spider Naevi / Stella Haemangiomas

This condition is characterized by dilated blood vessels, with smaller dilated capillaries radiating from them. It is not an infectious condition and the name comes from their appearance as the dilated capillaries look like a spider’s legs with a body.

Common sites include the cheek area, but may occur on the upper body, the arms and the neck. They are usually caused by an injury to the skin.

They can be concealed using camouflage cosmetic or treated via electrolysis or IPL treatments.

Naevi vasculosis /  Strawberry Naevi

This is a condition in which red or purplish raised marks appear on the skin at birth. It is not an infectious condition and the naevus have different sizes. It can occur on any area of the body.

In about 60% of cases, these naevi disappear by the age of 6 years. Treatment is usually not necessary; concealing cosmetics can be applied if desired.

Capillary Naevi / Port-Wine Stains

This characterized by large areas of dilated capillaries, which contrast noticeably from the surrounding areas. It is also not an infectious condition and has a smooth, flat surface.

About 25% of these occur on the head and are most likely formed at the foetal stage. Naevi may also be found on the neck and face. Camouflage cosmetic creams can be applied to disguise these areas.